Solar M18 Series LED Backlit Mirror

Solar M18 Series LED Backlit Mirror


Immaculate and alluring, the Solar LED mirror captures the essence of symmetry while producing a graceful ambiance. Its warm tone and soft lines perfectly coalesce, forming its dimensional acrylic frame and contributing to its overall aesthetic.  When illuminated, your bathroom will instantly become infused with a sense of glamour and relaxation. 


* All images are for illustrative purposes only. Size and color may vary slightly from the actual product.

** Chart has the most updated Lumens & Watts output. 

Light Temperature: 3000K


  • 3rd generation silver mirror material is copper free, anti-rusting, with acrylic frame surrounding the mirror and will give you 35% more clarity vs a conventional mirror
  • Includes hardware.
  • Power source: hardwired
  • UL certified electrical components provides you with assurance that our mirrors have been thoroughly tested and meet standard safety requirements for use.